Painting Unity Ritual 

A fun alternative to the traditional unity candle ceremony or sand ceremony, the Unity Canvas Painting Ceremony lets the couple celebrate their unity ceremony in an artistic way that truly represents themselves.

Even if you are not artistic , but love the idea of a masterpiece on the wall at home of your special day , you can pour the 2 paints and still creat art . 

Wording before the painting :


" Every marriage starts out as a blank canvas and every day is a splash of color.

This blank canvas represents the day of the wedding, and a new beginning.

The colours represent BRIDE and GROOM’s milestones, their celebrations, tribulations, passions and dreams and themselves. 

Just like life - so is this painting  , you are two different colours but now on one canvas.

There will be places on the canvas when the colours blend and mix, flowing together, creating a new colour of experiences shared. There will be places when the colours stay separate and stand out alone and independent… yet, still a compliment to the other colour by it’s side. This too will happen in your marriage. And is what creates the masterpiece.

​However, when you step back and look at the canvas in its entirety, you will see that it clearly is “An Original Masterpiece” unlike anything you’ve ever seen before and unique to just the 2 of you . "