Love Lock ceremony 

You could do your own version of a love lock with any structure you like: a mini fence to hang on your wall, a picture frame, or even to lock a wine ceremony box.


You will join your separate lives together. The love lock you hold is a symbol of your commitment to one another and a Token of Love Locked Forever. The message written upon your love lock is the promise of love, acceptance and unity. The Lovelocks Tree of life represents all that you are and all that you’ll ever be as individuals and part of your union together. As you lock your love lock to the Lovelocks Tree of Life, it will remind you the reason you are getting married. Your special lock locks ONE time ONLY there is no key, which symbolizes your commitment to each other for eternity. Your love will be locked forever.

As your life unfolds in its many directions, the branches will bear its celebrations of life to come. You connect two hearts together your love will be forever.