There are 2 ways to do Handfasting, First is with a ribbon , rope or Tartan


Hand Binding with different colour ribbons representing promises for each , according to the table below :


Ceremony :


“Is it also your wish today that your hands be fasted in the ways of old?”

<<BRIDE>> and <<GROOM>>: “It is.”


“Remember then as your hands are fasted, these are not the ties that bind…”


Cords are held aloft


“The role already taken by the song your hearts share shall be now be strengthened by the vows you take. All things of the material world eventually return to the Earth unlike the bond and the connection your spirits share which is destined to ascend to the heavens.

“May you be forever as one in the passion and fire of you.


Bride and Groom’s hands are bound

And say vows…..



Hand Fasting Wedding Ceremony

hand binding chart.png