A Buddhist Wedding Ceremony 


A Buddhist wedding ceremony is solemnly initiated with a vow to the Buddha followed by the wedding procession.

After the offering of incense to the Buddha, the couple receives water ritually purified by the officiating priest,

then drinks sacred rice wine offered to the Buddha from three wine cups, the bride and groom drinking three times each,

symbolizing homage to the three treasures of the Buddha.

This is called drinking the san-san-kudo (three times three equaling nine sips) pledge.


Three treasures of the Buddha. "compassion", "frugality", and "humility”.


Compassion: Just as I do, so do all others desire to be happy and not to suffer. To practice genuine compassion based on mutual respect as two human beings. To give unconditional love and support


Frugality: to care for your family , providing necessities for living and sharing in the wealth of the family and further to the community.

Humility: to be humble,  grounded, connected to the earth and the truth that lies within it .  To amend when we have done wrong, to understand our human nature that makes mistakes as well as accepts others as human to and forgive.

The juzu, or Buddhist rosary, is usually given to the couple, and the wedding rings are exchanged at this time.



Today Bride and Groom will be united in "Body , Mind and spirit” ", The marriage ceremony is abundant with symbols that reflect the basic and important elements of marriage: Love, Mutual respect, Equality and Sacrifice.

Although we are not following the practicing Buddhist ritual formally, the symbolic meaning is still deeply rooted . The Traditions observed today have special meanings and significance.

*** officiant pours choice of liquid into the 3 cups.

“As you drink from the three cups, may you both be Blessed in this union as 2 individuals in one life path keeping connected in the communication between your , minds, bodies and spirit. Blessed with fresh beginnings with the rising of every day’s Sun; and the value of the wisdom of sharing your life together. “

  • Please take the first cup and take three small sips each to symbolise the union in body .  – couple sips

  • Please take the Second cup and take three small sips each to symbolise the union in mind . – couple sips

  • Please take the third cup and take three small sips each to symbolise the union in spirit . couple sips